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Magic Kingdom Map Update: Visit Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies in Mickey's Toontown Fair

Time to update your Magic Kingdom map! You can visit Tinker Bell and her fairy friends at a new character greeting area in Mickey's Toontown Fair, one of the best places for character interaction at Walt Disney World.

The Imagineers have sprinkled their pixie dust over the Toontown Hall of Fame, nestled between Mickey's and Minnie's houses in Toontown ... and created a new greeting area. Guests are "transported" to a magical forest called “Pixie Hollow,” a special place deep in the heart of Never Land.

Isn't Disney magic wonderful?

Tinker Bell (of course, you recognize her in the center of this photo) is most famous at Peter Pan's pal in the 1953 Disney animated classic. Since then, she's been the hostess for many Disney television specials and for “flying” above the Disney theme parks. Tink is joined inside Pixie Hollow by four fairy friends: Iridessa (left), a light fairy; Rosetta (second from left), a garden fairy; Silvermist (second from right), a water fairy; and Fawn (right), an animal fairy.

So it looks like taking "the second star on the right" to reach Never Land just got a little bit easier... thanks to this last update to the Disney World maps!


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I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!

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